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Ockie Vermeulen

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A recording featuring various instruments, singers and choirs teamed up with organ accompaniment in original works and arrangements of accessible music. A Follow-up recording to Highland Cathedral.

  • Ockie Vermeulen
  • Evert van Niekerk
  • Anneke Lamont
  • Susan Mouton
  • Wessel van Wyk
  • Helen Vosloo
  1. Palladio (Jenkins)
  2. Ladies in lavender (Hess)
  3. Toccata and Fugue (Bach)
  4. T as besoin de moi (Goodrum & Miller)
  5. Whiter shade of Pale (Reid Booker & Fisher)
  6. Fantasie (Demarest)
  7. Aria (Rutter)
  8. Arena (Steyn)
  9. Coffee Fugue (Bach)
  10. U is God alleen (McHugh & Van der Watt)
  11. The poet acts (Glass)
  12. Somerkersfees (Du Plessis)
  13. Venti d Oriente (Reverberi)
  14. O Holy Night (D Adam)
  15. Symphony in D (Guilmant)