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GYPSY FIDDLE - Gina Beukes

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Very typical European Gypsy instrumental arrangements...

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Recital of solo violin with 6 piece Salon Ensemble - Flute, Clarinet, Cello, Accordion, Piano & Double bass Very typical European Gypsy instrumental arrangements by Willem Vogel.

  • Gina Beukes
  1. Fiddler on the roof (Bock)
  2. Hungarian Fantasy Opus. 45 (Lehar)
  3. Forgotten Kisses (Lenin)
  4. Hungarian Dance no. 6 (Brahms)
  5. Tiefes Leid (Gypsy Traditional)
  6. Kalinka (Russian Traditional)
  7. Slavonic Dance (Dvorak)
  8. Sun over San Sofia (Turkish Traditional)
  9. Hore ich Zigeuner Geige from Grafin Mariz (Emerich Kalman)
  10. Verlasst mich nicht (Gypsy Traditional)
  11. Cossack Dance (Russian Traditional)
  12. Honvagy (Hungarian Ttraditional)
  13. Verbunk und Friss. Invitation to the dance (Hungarian Traditional )
  14. Ballade(Viola) - (Polish Folk Traditional)
  15. Hungarian Rhapsody no.2 (Franz Liszt)
  16. Komm Zigan from Grafin Mariza (Emerich Kalfman)