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A double album featuring light piano classics and arrangements of Jazz standards by the pianist himself

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The arrangements for the piano that I made of popular songs and of old standards are the result of my musical personality. Since I have been influenced by music of all kinds, I trust that the arrangements are sufficiently interesting, because they would reflect facets of all that I have experienced in my voyage through life. Japie Human Bloemfontein June 2010

  • Japie Human
  1. Why (Robert Schumann)
  2. Spring night (Schumann-Liszt)
  3. Romance in F (Robert Schumann)
  4. Mazurek Opus 5 No. 2 (Ignacy Paderewski)
  5. Polish folk dance (Xaver Schawenka)
  6. Old Vienna (Leopold Godowsky)
  7. Kashmiri love song (Amy Woodforde-Fiden)
  8. Shadow dance (Edward Macdowell)
  9. Witches dance (edward Macdowell)
  10. Homing (Teresa Del Riego)
  11. Simple Aveu (Francis Thome)
  12. Rustle of Spring (Christian Siding)
  13. Jill all alone (Billy Mayerl)
  14. Andante from Tree Four (S. Coleridge-Taylor)
  15. Impromptu (Zez Confrey)
  16. Novelette (Zez Confrey)
  17. Automne (Cecile Chaminade)
  18. Erinnerung (Robert Schumann)
  19. Widmung (Schumann-Liszt)